What Do We Want From Life?


Listen, it’s time to say anything about life. Our life.

We live here in a country that gives us lots of fun, sport and other attractions. But there isn’t a leader told us that we have a chance to live our life in a good way. So we live like we think life is good for us. And this life we live in our good way isn’t really good. We all know that. We all live this life to the costs of others, to the costs of nature and last but not least to the costs of our self.

So, is there a way to go out of that disaster? Is there any chance to leave this way? I think, there is. But these ways are small ways, not loud but quiet enough to feel and here the natures hart crying the last waltz.

So we have to take some minutes to sit down and look forward to our future. What do we want. What – do – we – want. Is there any need for a new way or is our life still in these waters that are safe to us till we’ll die?

Anyway, we have to sit down and think about it. Think about that what we want from this life. And we have to say it in the real way, the really truth. This truth that shows us like we are. It is no fault if we find out that we could do nothing to stop the bad way with our life. And it will be also right if we find out that there can be some little steps do help. anything we find out helps us to live a better life, to have our dreams come true.

so let’s sit down and look inside and find what makes us happy.

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